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Interview a Family Business Leader - Essay Example

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Interview with Xou Liqun I have chosen a family operated business ‘Liqun Roast Duck’. The restaurant is located in the Hutong area of Beijing, which is near to the courtyard. The restaurant symbolizes culture and life of Beijing people…

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Interview a Family Business Leader

Q: When was the Liqun established? And who named the restaurant? Xou Liqun: The restaurant was established in 1992. It was named after my father Zhang Liqun who was a former chef at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant chain. Q: How did you get started? For how long have you been running this restaurant? Xou Liqun: I have always been inspired by the way Zhang Liqun worked at the restaurant. During my childhood, I often used to help Zhang Liqun at work; it developed a spontaneous devotion to the field. After the death of Zhang Liqun, I look after the activities of the restaurant. It has been about 10 years since Zhang Liqun passed away, and from that time, I have been supervising the restaurant. Q: Do you have managers and supervisors at the restaurant? A: Well…as you know that the restaurant is a small and family owned business therefore, I personally manage and supervise at the restaurant, but we do have assistants and attendants to take care of our valued customers. Q: What is the signature dish of your restaurant? Tell us something about it. A: Roaster Duck is the main specialty of Liqun Restaurant. This is a dish, which is one of the oldest and famous gourmet cuisine of Beijing (Pillsbury). It is known for its shining color, crispy skin and tender meat. Liqun restaurant is famous for providing the best Roasted Duck in town. ...
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