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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY [Your name here] [Name of university] [Due date of paper] 1. Industry Chosen Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s obligations towards society. Any company or organization from any industry needs to show social responsiveness by setting some goals beneficial for both the society and the company.


2. Company 1: The first company selected for review is Apple Inc., which has been the leading cellular firm since its beginning. 2.1 Apple’s Corporate Social Responsibility The main features of Apple’s corporate social responsibility as stated in the website of the company include a safer supply chain, respect and dignity for employees, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. All of these features suggest that Apple Inc. takes good care of its adherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility. It is also stated on the website that the company considered and followed the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative to prepare the information about CSR. Let us now discuss the main aspects of Apple’s Corporate Social Responsibility. 2.1.1 Environment Protection Apple Inc. makes special efforts for greenhouse gas emissions. In 2012, it is estimated that the company’s input in the greenhouse gas emissions was nearly 30.9 million metric tons (Apple Inc. 2013). Apple Inc. has adopted a well-planned approach to ensure environmental friendliness. The company finds ways to reduce the carbon footprint though everything ranging from all types of products to all facilities. Apple Inc. ...
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