How the company seeks to deliver customer value

How the company seeks to deliver customer value Essay example
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Name Professor Marketing Date How the Company Seeks to Deliver Customer Value 1. Introduction The Apple Inc. is a renowned American corporation for its variety of electronic and consumer products. Some products offered by this company are Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPod, Itunes media browser with other software of multimedia; in fact, it has also acquired a large market share in the online downloading business for music (Agnello, 1).


Introduction of the Apple Macintosh has engaged in numerous products launches that have been met with much anticipation. For instance, Apple iPhone has been considered an elegantly designed device for sending and receiving information. The iPhone has a combination of smart phone capabilities with natural graphical interface projected on a large multi-touch display. Apple’s marketers focus on consumer behaviours in order to improve their marketing strategies and foster an understanding of how the consumer thinks feels and selects between various alternatives (Solomon, 10). These marketers also focus on psychology of consumers and influence of environmental conditions such as a culture, family, signs and media. In fact, this entails the focus on consumers’ behaviours while making purchases and other decisions. Nevertheless, there are limitations concerning consumer knowledge or ability to internalize information that can influence their decisions and results of marketing strategies. On other hand, focusing on consumer behaviour considers motivation of the consumers to making various decisions strategies among different products in levels of significance and interest (Hawkins, Best and Coney, 4). ...
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