American Airlines - Pressures within the industry or the competition [Scandal]

American Airlines - Pressures within the industry or the competition [Scandal] Research Paper example
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American Airlines Table of Contents On American Airlines 3 A. What Happened 3 B. Industry Overview 3 C. Regulatory Response 5 D. How the Company Should Change Moving Forward 6 Works Cited 7 On American Airlines A. What Happened American Airlines had been beset by problems relating to the complaints regarding its maintenance schedules for its airplane fleets.


These and other related operational lapses in physical fleet maintenance and other aspects of operations have resulted in many small and large problems for the company. For one, the regulators have levied very steep fines on American Airlines for the failures in maintenance of the fleets. Meanwhile, other operational lapses such as mishandled management of the relationship with key personnel has resulted in bad publicity for the airline. These breaches have legal dimensions moreover, in that the compromising of the security and well-being of passengers as stakeholders have legal consequences for American Airlines (Daily Mail Reporter; Cohn; Ahles; Gavett; David; Mutzabaugh; Infocom Group; Coffee; McCartney; Raymond). B. Industry Overview The state of the airlines industry and the pressures that are put to bear on American Airlines as it tries to stay afloat as an on-going and financially feasible concern is reflected in the most recent news and analyses with regard to the planned merger between American Airlines on the one hand and US Airways on the other. ...
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