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Contemporary Retail Environments The Shopping Experience Table of Contents Introduction 3 Explanation of Shopping Experience 4 Components of Great Shopping Experience 6 Motivations of Shopping Experience 9 Role of Environment on Shopping Experience 11 Behavioural Models 14 The Cognitive Affect Behaviour (CAB) Model 14 Consciousness Emotion Value (CEV) 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction In the modern day business environment, customers worth not only the quality of the product they purchase but also treasure the pleasure they feel while purchasing.


Shopping is no more a simple act based on the human need, exchange of the currency and the goods but much more. The perception of shopping and its experience differs as few people perceive it to be a part of entertainment, act of expression, path for happiness and stress therapy (Tuttle, 2010). The experience of the shopping is judged by the accomplishment of the individual perception in the retail environment. Shopping can be deciphered as a contradiction that yields both pleasures and anxieties among the people based on their experience. The concept of shopping experience has changed to a greater degree for the modern shoppers based on their psychology, lifestyle and requirements. Consequently, the shopping experience is the point at which the tension, promises of modernity and postmodernity are apparent. The experience of shopping can be evaluated by the people on the basis of the information gathered, product variety and wide range of products. ...
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