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Social and Cultural Marketing Marketing Marketing is described as an activity carried out by businesses to increase product sales and make huge profits. Marketing has however evolved over the years and it now plays new roles in the modern society by adding to the existing fund of the available knowledge about marketing (Kotler and Zaltman, 1991 p 480).


Non- profit organization make good use of societal marketing as they ensure they incorporate public activities as well as public relations in their marketing strategies. Marketing for non-profit organizations The type of marketing employed by non-profit organizations should put into consideration the needs of consumers as well as those of donors. Marketing for non-profit organizations does not only entail making sales or obtaining donations from sponsors but also satisfying the needs of both the donors and consumers (Da Cunha, 1990 p 218). Social marketing is a practice which involves influencing of human behaviors to change their attitudes regarding a certain social issue. This can be achieved through application of marketing principles that will ensure the society benefits rather than ensuring commercial profit for the organization (Ethics Based Marketing, 2011 p 2). Social marketing can therefore be defined as application of principles of commercial marketing to social programs that are related to health and human services. The main aim of social marketing is therefore to encourage changes in behavior in individuals so as to bring about change in society and not for the purpose of generating profits within non-profit organizations. ...
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