Assignment sample - Investigate the potential opportunity of marketing this brand in the UK for a pharmaceutical company

Investigate the potential opportunity of marketing this brand in the UK for a pharmaceutical company Assignment example
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Name Course Professor Date Investigate the potential opportunity of marketing this brand in the UK for a pharmaceutical company Executive Summary This essay mainly highlights the strategies and policies taken by a renowned pharmaceutical organization named Bursti, while entering the market of United Kingdom…


With the help of SWOT analyses, the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization of Bursti is recognized in the markets of UK among other players. And finally the paper also comprises of certain recommendations about the strategies and policies that might be taken by the organization of Bursti so as to retain its sustainability. Overview and Business Mission Bursti is one of the reputed multinational pharmaceutical organizations operating successfully in this segment among other players. It is mainly due to its desire to present varied types of inventive products to the customers at a quite competitive price as compared to other contenders. It is because, the organization of Bursti desired to create a dominating position as well as high brand image in this segment among other rivals. Side by side, it also tried to create a strong base of customers thereby amplifying its loyalty and distinctiveness in the market of UK. This might help the organization in enhancing its total sales and net income in UK market among other rivals. Therefore, in order to fulfil such desires, the organization of Bursti desired to offer varied types of innovative products such as anti?acne cream to its customers at a quite lowest price. ...
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