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Marketing Communication Tools [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] Criteria for Selecting Marketing Communication Tools Marketing efforts and corporate communication carried out by an organization in order to create awareness about its offerings is considered as an integral part of organizations’ functional capacity.


From the review of available literature on marketing communication, it is found that the communication tools can be divided into two types mainly. These are above the line marketing tools and below the line marketing tools. Above the line, using mass media carries out marketing communication; whereas, below the line marketing communication makes use of non-conventional marketing media. The division between types of marketing communication tools is based on the philosophy that each tool coordinates or supplements the marketing activities carried out by using other tools. The division is not meant to create a contradiction in the communication strategy, but the wrong implementation of strategic objectives associated with marketing communication may lead to a complete failure. In this manner, it can be asserted that the selection of marketing tools has influence over the efficiency of the marketing communication and the wrong selection might prove as a barrier in achieving the desired objectives and goals. ...
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