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UNIQLO in China - Essay Example

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The rapid augmentation of fiercely developing annual household income along with rising population of working women in China ensure to offer major scope for the overseas marketers to build their long-term sustainability in the Chinese markets. …

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UNIQLO in China

UNIQLO in China

In a Company Perspective.
The concept of marketing problem can be termed as a constraint or issue due to which organizations face significant hurdles in launching or promoting any product or service. The marketing problems of an organization can be identified through analyzing its internal influencing factors. With respect to the company perspective, the internal factors involve few major dimensions that influence the marketing activities of an organization. In this context, these dimensions can be associated with 4Ps of marketing mix including product, price, place/distribution and promotional attributes of the organizations (The Chartered Institute of Management, 2009). These dimensions have been discussed hereunder.
Product Development
Factors With respect to the business strategy of UNIQLO, the organization tends to possess two major strengths including the usage of quality based materials along with unique functional materials in manufacturing its range of fashionable garments and apparels. Specially mentioning, the use of high quality materials such as Merino wool, cashmere and Supima cotton in producing Women's Winter Style products enabled the organization to comply with the requirements of the customers. Moreover, the unique functional material in designing Women's Winter Style products tends to create increasing demand in the markets during the cold/winter season across different geographical locations ...
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