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Name Course Instructor Date Snacks and Pastries Business Market Research Introduction Acquiring timely and accurate information about the marketplace as well as the overall environment is what defines market research. The information acquired should drive the business to better business strategies, products, decisions and actions, which mean that researchers should be able to understand and adjust information collected while considering the underlying business issues.


Because of the developments in technology over time, the marketing industry has evolved greatly where marketers now have to embrace social media as an invaluable marketing tool. This is because social media has facilitated instant consultation among consumers and this has led to reversal of traditional branding where consumers now have more power owing to influence through social media. In addition, traditional media sources such as televisions have been rendered ineffective as computer networks have come up, rapid online communication and multiple sources of information have become available (Patino & Pitta 234-235). Snacks and pastries business This paper looks into the marketing research process of a snacks and pastries business to be undertaken close to a university/ college and office buildings. The idea is to lease out a truck that would serve as the ‘shop’ and kitchen for the business from which snacks such as samosas, kebabs, sandwiches, cupcakes, doughnuts and soft drinks. This is because my friend and I have noticed that we are usually lacking time to sit down at a restaurant for breakfast and lunch. ...
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