Sainsbury's the Supermarket

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Sainsbury Supermarkets Ltd is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK with its market share standing at almost seventeen percent. This supermarket chain store operates under the umbrella of J Sainsbury plc whose head office is in London City.


The business began as a family owned venture, but later changed ownership in 2011 to include shareholders such as Qatar investment Authority who are currently the majority shareholders for this supermarket chain. Despite the challenge they experienced by Tesco who beat them to be the market leader in 1995 and demotion by Asda to be in the third place in 2003, the store rose again to be second largest supermarket in 2013 thrashing Asda. With this, this essay will develop the supermarket’s profile within its target market using the demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and geographic factors. Further, the essay will delve into a well-researched PEST analysis with emphasis on the relevant variables that would have an impact on the Sainsbury chain of supermarkets. Lastly, the essay will give recommendations to the store’s marketing mix based on the PEST results in tandem with the needs and wants of its target market with the aim of increasing its competitive advantage.
Sainsbury Supermarkets is one of the established by J Sainsbury Plc and it is the third largest significant supermarket chain in Britain because of its 16.3 share presence in the market.
The majority shares belong to the royal family of Qatar who hold up to twenty six percent of the overall shares in the supermarket chain. ...
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