Prohibited and restricted imports on meat to EU

Prohibited and restricted imports on meat to EU Essay example
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[Student Name] [Instructor Name] [Course Name] [Date] Prohibited and Restricted Imports on Meat to EU This research paper would look into prohibitions and restrictions imposed by European Union and its countries from Non-European Union countries. Additionally, the paper would also look into these prohibitions and restrictions from the marketing perspective, i.e.


Top-notch advisors have been appointed by the EU to work on policy formulation pertaining to import of meat. Moreover, market researchers have also been assigned the task of understanding consumers’ preferences for meat coming from Non-EU countries. This is because, by understanding consumer preferences, the EU aims at developing infrastructure that would ensure delivery of similar quality and taste of meat to their nation, as do the meat coming from Non-EU countries (Phyper, Ducas and Baish 260). Under the Regulation 765/2008 of EU, the importers of meat from Non-EU state are required to adopt a placement strategy that protects the meat from viruses and disease, if any, in the ecological environment. Moreover, EU provides levies on duties and taxes, in order to ensure that the pricing strategy adopted by the meat importers does not influence the purchasing behavior of the consumers (Goldmann 86-89). The department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is responsible to ensure that it dissects the true identity of the meat importers and their previous business record, just to ensure that there is no corruption or compromise on meat quality found in their business practices. ...
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