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Essay example - Social Marketing

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Social Marketing  Essay example
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Social marketing provides actual or perceived value to the target market of social marketing intervention. This work studies social marketing campaign such as DTAC’s ‘Disconnect to Connect’ Campaign and Nike’s ‘Find your Greatness’ Campaign.

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In this "Social Marketing" essay, the author chose and researched two most relevant in order to study their social marketing campaign. Social marketing refers to an approach that is used to cultivate those activities of which the primary aim is to maintain or change the behavior of people for the benefit of society or individual. In Thailand, every can tell that using cell phones has become a big problem. Almost every teenager owns a cell phone and hardly puts it down.. The issue exists there, everyone is aware that it is a big problem, yet no one takes an initiative about it. Being a foreign company, Telenor took a wise move. Telenor employs a prudent approach through an advertising agency located in Thailand, known as Y&R Thailand. It was responsible for handling ads for DTAC because only natives can understand the psyche of their audiences and the way they respond. In order to do so, DTAC composed an ad in order to address the issue of extra ordinary mobile usage and ignoring loved ones while using mobile phones.
The slogan of the social marketing campaign of DTAC was named as ‘Disconnect to Connect’. The purpose of this ad was to encourage people to put down their cellular devices for face time with their family and friends. This spot showed users of mobile with invisible parent/child/companions/friends as they play guitar/drove or stand at bus stop with them. As soon as the person puts the device away, their child, loved one, or friend appear, adding warmth in their very moment as well as in their lives.
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