Marketing Channels and Logistics: Guinness GB

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MARKETING CHANNELS AND LOGISTICS: GUINNESS GB Name Course Instructor Institution Date Introduction Marketing channels refer to the avenues that companies use to enable its products to be availed to the customers or consumers (Banyte, Gudonaviciene and Grubys, 2011, p.


108). Within marketing channels, inventory management is a core determinant of effectiveness and efficiency of the flow of information, services and goods. Inventory management is defined as the regulation of a company’s inventory with a view of striking a balance between what is considered to be too little and too much inventory. Through inventory management, managers of a marketing channel are able to buffer shortages and manage related costs. A Co-Managed Inventory (CMI) is that which involves active collaboration of supply chain parties or marketing channels in facilitating the flow of products to the final consumer and meeting the needs of the market in an efficient and effective manner. This paper is based on the Guinness GB case study. The four main challenges that the company’s senior management faces in the implementation of the company’s CMI are described. Moreover, the paper gives explanations of the most appropriate recommendations for the company as solutions for the challenges in CMI implementation. Challenges in implementation of CMI within Guinness GB Conflicts There are evident conflicts within Guinness GB’s marketing channels which is challenging the implementation of the CMI. This is demonstrated by the fact that “different parts of the business working to different versions of the plan” (Pech, 1998, p. 10). ...
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