In what way should the UK CAP Codes (CAP/BCAP Codes) be reformed?

In what way should the UK CAP Codes (CAP/BCAP Codes)  be reformed? Essay example
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UK CAP Codes (CAP/BCAP Codes) Introduction Globalization and liberalization of the world economy have facilitated the growth of trade and commercial activities. The living standards of the individuals all over the world have improved with the rise in the aggregate availability of goods and services.


However, the rapid growth of the profit margins of the adverting companies depicts that the advertisement practices undertaken by the companies are improving significantly over time. However, it has been proved by the economists that mixed economic systems with active public private participation is the best for an economy. It is found that the commercials launched by the companies often fail to incorporate the desired intension and seem to create commotion in the political, economic, social or cultural dimensions of the society. This is the reason for which the government owned organizations impose certain rules and regulations on the advertising agencies. This essay will throw a light on the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) codes of United Kingdom (U.K.). The context of the essay would analyze the underlying ethics and advantages associated with the CAP codes in U.K. on the basis of macroeconomic analysis. In the later context, the researcher would elaborate on certain perspectives based on which the CAP codes of U.K. must be reformed. The Committees of Advertising Practice are responsible for formulating and maintaining the different advertisement codes in U.K. All these committees are controlled by the Advertising Standards Authority. ...
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