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International Marketing Project 1/5 Final Name Institution INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PROJECT 1/5 FINAL INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION International marketing communication requires that the message and the means of communication used in marketing must be suitably tailored for the target market at any given place in the whole world.


Of course there is no marketing without brands being in place. In the context of international marketing communication, brand communication refers to the initiative adopted by organizations to popularize their goods and services among the final users. All these aspects work hand in hand to achieve maximum cost effectiveness and increase sells. In the current competitive economic globe, development and survival of the companies depends on the existence of detailed and real information about the potential consumers. This topic of international marketing communication will therefore show that there is a big need for having sufficient and basic information about the consumer culture, attitudes, motivation, and action anywhere in the world before engaging in selling or promoting any product. In the modern time, it is almost globally acceptable that the main aim of marketing is not to find and persuade the public to buy company products, but rather to satisfy consumer needs as an essence of consumer orientation. Creating efficient ways through which consumer wants could be met is one of the central objectives. ...
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