International Marketing Project 2/5 final

International Marketing Project 2/5 final Assignment example
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Cultural Diversity Name Institution CULTURAL DIVERSITY INTRODUCTION Cultural diversity is all about respect and acceptance of people’s backgrounds. It means understanding that every person is unique in his or her own way and recognizing the individual differences.


Diversity is a key player in international marketing because the world today is so dynamic that the marketplace is ever evolving. With embracing cultural diversity, consumers of varying cultural and socio-economic backgrounds are catered for in terms of their preferences and needs. As international marketers become more diverse through the way they promote goods and services as per the customs, tastes, and beliefs of people, organizations become successful in targeting demographics by use of marketing strategies that are sensitive to peoples’ practices and attitudes. It makes it possible for organizations to better know and serve an increasingly large client base, meaning that business people who want to reach a large market cannot afford to disregard this crucial mass of clients (Cox, 1994). In this context therefore, cultural diversity will be viewed as a major foundation for successful organizations that want to establish their sales internationally. It is from the understanding that diversity is critical that marketers can learn how to create an appropriate marketing strategy and start from this point to pursue their corporate goals. ...
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