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Alternative Assignment Name: Institution: Paper Outline Introduction Techniques Selected Technique 1 I. Background II. Process III. Example IV. Strengths & Weaknesses Technique 2 I. Background II. Process III. Example IV. Strengths & Weaknesses Technique 3 I.


It uses specific tools for implementing the process. MRE focused on the integration of the GEMS system to facilitate the planning and implementation of the strategic plans. Presently, the GEMS system provides a link between the MRE employees, clients and the management. Using the GEMS, MRE is able to monitor resource allocation and information sharing between the three entities in a way that it promotes the rest of the processes in the entire organization. However, Snowden Evans addressed certain issues that need to undergo process reengineering. According to Wilson (1990), The strategic planning process is about decision-making and therefore needs to identify the tasks, which the GEMS system is managing in MRE Company and the decision-making stages (Seddon, 2008). The objective Business analysis for the GEMS system is for improving the communication between the company and all its stakeholders. The company business analyst has to explore a wide spectrum of techniques in order to develop and implement the decision-based strategic plans. Techniques Selected The company identifies several techniques to apply in the business reengineering and strategic planning of MRE. One of the techniques is the six Hats model. ...
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