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Stokers Company Contents Contents 1 Introduction 3 Situation analysis and clearly defined objectives 3 Defined target audiences/stakeholders and a positioning strategy 6 A clearly identified Internet value proposition for identified audiences 6 Clearly defined digital marketing mix and relationship management tactics 6 An illustration of how offline and online strategies will be integrated 8 An implementation plan including evaluation and control mechanisms 10 An indication of where revenue/benefits will be achieved and where costs incurred 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction Stokers Fine Furniture is a part of the Pratt’s Fine Furnishing which was established in 1895 by Christopher


The furniture brand is a trusted brand in UK. Stokers Fine Furniture is coming up with new strategies to capture the potential untapped market, especially the style conscious families. The brand falls in the category of expensive and traditional product brand. Situation analysis and clearly defined objectives The market for fine furniture in the United Kingdom is rising strongly due to the effect of the country recovering from property market affects. The housing market industry is in a buoyant mode with increased demand for home furniture and furnishing. The store sales as well as the online sales of this industry have accelerated. The market has been highly influenced by the advent of the internet. The customers are more oriented towards electronic commerce due to their preference of buying from the home without having to go to the stores. The future of the UK furniture industry is showing positive trends. ...
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