Sustainable MARKETING campaign for Virginia Community Capital Inc.

Sustainable MARKETING campaign for Virginia Community Capital Inc. Essay example
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Sustainable marketing campaign for Virginia Community Capital Inc. Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 VCC Target market and the product 4 VCC: marketing campaign and its goals 5 Positioning map 7 Marketing Mix 10 Promotion Budget & Implementation Calendar 13 References 17 Introduction Virginia Community Capital Inc (VCC) is a non-profit organization of multi-million dollar size that operates in the markets of commonwealth of Virginia.


More than the investments and the banking solution provided by the multi-million dollar enterprise, the services of the entity are directed to produce a positive impact on the community. The housing loans and investment solutions provided by Virginia Community capital Inc. for the housing and infrastructure development projects in the economy are aimed at benefit the economically weaker section of the community. The housing projects are also funded by the company in the geographically backward areas of the community. VCC was founded in 1995 and operated in micro lending projects in 3 countries till 2005. The organization transformed into a large multimillion dollar community development financial institution with its equity base rising to 17 million dollar. The capital base of the entity grew from 15 million dollar in 2005 to 19 million dollars in 2007 (Virginia Community Capital, 2013, p.1). The asset base grew to 28.3 million dollars by 2007. VCC has been involved in 23 housing projects aimed at community development in Virginia. The activities of VCC have created 623 housing facilities that are affordable to the economically weaker sections of the community. ...
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