Annie Referral Fashion Promotion

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Annie Referral Fashion Promotion Executive Summary The fashion industry of UK is a very lucrative segment that contributes about ?21 billion in UK economy. Fashion has always been a great success story for the British. Moreover, London has always been regarded as the fashion and shopping hub of the world, so any brand or well-known label would be easily found in the shopping hub of UK.


The existing communication channels used by Dior have been thoroughly studied and also additional recommendation to improve the existing channels and introduce newer ways has also been included in the study. It was found that Dior is very restrictive in selecting its communication channels, so as to maintain the luxurious brand image of the company. Conservative communication channels are utilised by all the luxury product companies, but Dior could utilise a few other channels too to increase its brand recognition without hampering its highly sophisticated and luxurious brand image. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Dior 5 Overview 5 Dior Story 6 Brand Identity 6 Consumer Profile 7 Target Customers 7 Positioning Strategies of Dior 7 Present Communication Channels of Dior 8 Communication Channels 8 Dior and its Communication Channels 9 Reasons for their Success 10 Competitor Analysis 11 Competitors 11 Marketing Communication Strategies 12 Relevant Communication Channels 13 Conclusion 14 Recommendation 15 References 16 Dior Overview Dior is a luxury retail brand based in France. The company is named after the founder of the company Christian Dior. Dior mainly deals in clothing, accessories, perfumes, beauty products and also timepieces. ...
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