The Communication Cycle - Analysis of Media Coverage

The Communication Cycle - Analysis of Media Coverage Essay example
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Marketing Part B Executive summary The report throws lights on the Public Relation (PR) activities that are carried out by the companies to spread the information regarding their products. Through the public relation theories the report highlights the importance of communication of the information to the mass.


Individuals are driven by some forces which make them confident to buy a product after gaining full knowledge about it or the drives can often be negative which does not lead to the purchase of the product. The famous multinationals like Apple Inc. gives a lot of effort on their PR activities so that they are successful in communicating their message regarding the new products to the mass. The public relation activities by the companies involve communication of the useful ideas and the message regarding the changes and modification of the products. It also includes the launch of new products. The communication process is executed through various technologies which are mediated by the Public Medias some of which are also face to face communications. Background Brief about Apple Inc Apple Inc. which is formerly known as the Apple Computer, Inc. is a multinational corporation that is headquartered in California. It develops designs and sells, computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers. The best product line of the company is the Mac line of computers, iPhone Smartphone, iPod music player and iPad tablet computers. Its consumer software comprises the iOS and OS X operating systems, Safari web browser, iWork creativity iTunes media browser and iLife and productivity suites. ...
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