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The consumer buying process is mainly influenced by a variety of factors. One of them is an advertising campaign and it is a very effective tool in raising awareness among the consumers so that they can change their buying process. As such, this paper seeks to critically discuss how an advertising campaign influences the buying process of the consumer.


As a point of departure, it is imperative to begin by explaining the meaning of advertising so as to be in a position to gain a clear understanding of the concept of an advertising campaign. “Advertising is described as any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by and identified sponsor,” (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010, p. 450). On the other hand, an advertising campaign refers to a series of advertisements. Essentially, the main purpose of an advertising campaign is to influence the consumer buying process through informing and persuading the targeted customers so that they can be attracted to the product after developing a positive attitude towards it. As going to be discussed below, an advertising campaign has different features that are designed to appeal to the interests of the targeted customers. In this case, particular attention is put on Coke Zero’s advertising campaign in order to establish how it is intended to influence the buyer decision process. ...
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