Principles of Marketing

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Market Plan for Thornton PLC for the Christmas Shopping Season Executive Summary This document is a marketing plan for Thorntons PLC, a chocolate manufacturing company based in the UK. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the company and matches them up with the environmental conditions that exists in the Christmas season.


The report indicates that Thornton's PLC should focus on cutting down costs, improving convenience to consumers and enhancing communication. In doing this, there should be four main categories of services that the company need to focus on: Chocolate Sweets, Personalized Gifts, Hampers and Gift Ideas as well as Corporate Gifts. Based on the Boston Consulting Group model, it is recommended that Thorntons in Hull City should focus on the Star products that have high growth and high market share so that they expand on that and build profitability in the December markets. The paper concludes with guidelines on how to place, price, promote the Thornton chocolates in the December markets. ...
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