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Research in Motion Case Study
Executive Summary
Research in Motion (RIM) is the name of the company behind the world renowned telecommunication device that goes by the name BlackBerry.


These devices revolutionized mobile telecommunications in the world due to their touted initial addictive nature. RIM’s success is cited to have ushered in the in the era of the smartphone industry in the world. A key factor to RIM’s success with their BlackBerry brand was the enhanced emailing capabilities that came with the mobile device. This aspect combined with its long battery life and significant security features made the device a must have mobile devise for business executives, government personnel and other professionals. RIM’s success is attributed to several key factors including its long standing commitment to security and reliability of the service. BlackBerry’s operating system, server system and its carrier infrastructure also add to the device’s superiority in the market. The device is also recommended for its smart features that are characterized by its ruggedness, simple graphical user interface and long battery life. Issues Success for RIM has not been without challenges posed by competitors like Nokia and Motorola, which the company has been able to outmaneuver through innovation and competent leadership. The primary issue or challenge facing RIM and its brand, BlackBerry is change. ...
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