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An E-fashion retailer analysis Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Date Contents Contents 2 1.Overview 3 2.Target Consumer Behavior 3 3.Online Marketing Mix 4 a.Product 4 b.Price 5 c.Promotion 7 d.Place 8 4.Conclusion and Recommendations 11 1…


Thereafter, fashion retailers put up images and graphics of their products online along with the prices and delivery options so that consumers can purchase their merchandise without having to visit the store physically. While the economic recession has resulted in slow growth of sales for fashion retailers, online fashion retailers are still witnessing high growth and profits. On the other hand, companies such as Jane Norman and La Senza are sprouting in the fashion industry whereas consumers have become more price conscious than ever before. Therefore, value creation has become quintessential for fashion retailers who are eyeing the internet as a profitable medium. More and more fashion retailers are increasing their online presence such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Lucky Brand Dungarees (Frings, 2008). 2. Target Consumer Behavior There has been a growth in internet accessibility and usage on the whole. Online sales of clothing rank fourth highest with travel services, software and media sector occupying the first three positions. More consumers across the globe are purchasing computers and gaining access to the internet and are, therefore, attracted to a myriad of online websites operated by fashion retailers. Typically, consumers in the past were wary of buying apparel online. ...
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