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Mini Cooper Name Course Course instructor Date Principles of marketing are very essential for every successful business’ marketing strategy provision of superior quality as well as value products play a major role in customer satisfaction. It is equally important to provide excellent services and to be innovative.


Mini Cooper’s marketing strategy includes digital marketing initiative, branding and maintenance of ethical values as well as the fact that it strategizes on her historical iconic image of Mini for the UK. The company utilizes IT and social trends worldwide which includes digitalized marketing and social networking to reach their customers (Report Mini 2011, n.p). This reflective form of writing analyses the marketing strategies employed by Mini Coopers. BMW Group that includes Mini Cooper is a multiproduct manufacturing company that enjoys a huge market share particularly in the US and many other regions such as Europe and Asia. Mini car has some special features such as unique interior design, drivability and is very economical due to its mini features that results into low fuel consumption (MINI 2013, n.p). Mini Cooper is amongst the most fun to drive models and has much bigger room than in its less space. The unit sales for the Mini car have been on the rise annually since 2002 and an increasing trend in the units sold for the same period of four years. It is therefore likely that there would be growth in sales and better performance in future (Report Mini 2011, n.p). Mini Cooper cars also have outstanding cornering abilities as well as stable brakes, which makes its overall performance great compared with other competing brands. ...
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