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justice of criminal economic corporations and individual activities in pipe-dream Essay example
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Justice of Criminal Economic Corporations and Individual Activities in Pipe Dream Criminal prosecution seeks to bring justice to the injured people, or ensuring that the courts serve justice to the people. Therefore, everybody who commits a crime is eligible for prosecution in a court of law…


Although it is possible to prosecute an individual, this is not easy in some instances, as whenever prosecuting an individual, there is always the price to pay for such a choice. These are the underlying issues whenever prosecuting an individual. These, among other factors discussed in this essay render justice of criminal economic corporations and individual activities in pipe dream. While some of these activities are easily detectable, others take a long time. It is with this regard that organizations have found it useful to engage independent external auditors. These auditors help in detecting any form of criminal activities taking place within the firm. On the other hand, individual activities, whether in the corporate world or not, are easily detectable by the law. Levitt (164) observes that the increase in the level of prosecution for criminals in the 1990s significantly contributed to the sharp decrease in the level of crime then. Thus, the higher the number of prosecutions in a jurisdiction, the lower is the crime rate in that country. In the film Dead Man Walking, Matthew Poncelet after injecting two teenagers with a poisonous injection faces execution for his crime. However, a sister tries to argue for his innocence, which would have won him freedom. ...
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