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Market Article Analysis

The growth of mobile marketing upon which the Sorofman is stressing upon in his article can be substantiated by the following facts; There are 5x many cell phones in the world than PCs (Conner, 2013) 91% of adults keep their smart-phones within arm’s reach (Conner, 2013) By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile connected devices than there are people on earth (Brenner, 2013) The above mentioned facts authenticate the notion that mobile marketing has the tendency to emerge as the most powerful communication tool; with significant reach. It can be credited with innovative ways to connect with consumers and in giving a sales boost. A research conducted by Forrester Research in January 2013, depicts the increasing number of mobile commerce sales via smart-phones in American market (Siwicki, 2013). The author has further explained certain ‘ground rules’ to carry out an effective mobile marketing plan. He explains that bombarding smart-phone users with marketing content, by using location-based marketing, as soon as they enter a particular vicinity might be interpreted as ‘creepy’ and might be just simply ignored. ...
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ANALYSIS OF A MARKETING NEWS STORY A marketing story named ‘Mobile Marketing: Reaching the Untethered Consumers’ was published on 3rd, December 2013 in one the most well-known websites named The author Jake Sorofman has emphasized on the significance of mobile marketing strategy for the emerging as well as established businesses of the contemporary world and also, its implications, benefits and some ground rules…
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