Facebook Marketing Should Be Used For Business

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The current global marketing trend is that; most of the companies are focusing on digital platforms as their main marketing tools, as opposed to the use of print and mass media, which was highly used in the past as the channel of marketing.


Therefore, Facebook is one of the marketing tools that organizations can apply to advertise their products, and inform their customer on their brand offering. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of Facebook as a marketing tool for organizations. Thus, this discussion seeks to analyze the application of Facebook as a marketing tool for businesses. First, the greatest advantage offered by Facebook marketing for business is its accessibility to many prospective customers. Facebook hit one billion active users by September 2012, creating a platform that has among the highest number of people interacting throughout the world (One Billion Factsheet, n.p.). Therefore, the application of Facebook as a Marketing tool for business will be advantageous, considering that it will be possible for the business to reach many customers, since Facebook offers the platform where a business can interact with over one billion customers in form of individuals, groups and corporate, thus providing the best target market platform that any business can reach. ...
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