Evaluation of advertisement campaign

Evaluation of advertisement campaign Essay example
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The mobile phone industry has been growing at a rapid pace since the last couple of decades. One of the major rationales towards this exponential growth is the robust innovation and creativity within the industry (Ahlstrom and Bruton, 2009)


Interestingly, the overall mobile phone market is growing at a faster pace than predicted, which signifies the immense potentiality of the industry. So the big question revolves around this mammoth progress and whether it is triggered by product innovation only or any other factors that had led to this colossal growth and development of the industry (Campbell, 2009). On deeper analysis, it has been observed that the role of advertisement is paramount in the development. One of the key trends of this industry is that companies invest large sums of money to create awareness about their products and services and these investments pay off to a great extent (Clifton, 2012). The market size of this industry is so large that almost every player has space for themselves. However, a company with better advertisement strategy and campaign experiences greater success. Thus, the impact of advertisement on the growth of mobile phone industry is clearly visible (Adler, 2010). In this report, the impact of advertisement on the growth and development of a product will be addressed. However, the study will not be accomplished in the usual way like, industry analysis, which identifies the way or the extent to which advertising plays an effective role. ...
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