Imapct of Androids and Smart Phones on the Apple I Phone Market - Essay Example

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Imapct of Androids and Smart Phones on the Apple I Phone Market

The paper will discuss both the positive and negative impacts in respect of the topic. Proper researched material from the internet will be used to complete this paper to satisfaction.
This discussion stresses that for the longest time apple has been dominating the smart phone market. This is because of the quality and fair prices that they offer. Apple has a brand of phones that is very popular. The iPhone is an intelligent phone. Every phone that has been produced, in this category of iPhone has not failed to impress. The features of this phone make it no one of the smart phone category. After androids and other smart phones were introduced into the market, there has been radical change in preference when it comes to smart phones. This is because some of the android operated phones are cheaper and offer a wide range of functions. In addition, android allows for installation of more programs than the iPhone. The popular phones from iPhone include, iphone3g, 3gs and the iPhone 4, 4s. Any cell networks support all these phones. You cannot put a number to the types of android and smart phones out there. This is because Android is an operating system belonging to the Linux family and can be used on most phones. Other smart phones can use different platforms like Symbian and windows. Because of this, more smart phones can be offered in the market at a reasonable price. This has impacted the iPhone market in many different ways. ...
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The paper will explain the impact of android and smart phones on the apple iphone market. The paper will go further to address the economic impacts that have arisen from this situation. In a brief text, the paper will also state the differences of these phones in relevance to the topic. …
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