Johnnie Walker Marketing Strategies

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Name: Course: Institution: Date: Johnnie Walker Marketing Strategies Executive summary Marketing refers to a management responsibility concerned with the determination, anticipation and satisfaction of customer requirement. All business organizations require an effectively operational marketing department in order to foster its profitability objective.


Its annual sale grosses one hundred and thirty million bottles globally. The sale of the Scottish whisky in the United States and in China two of the leading global economies portray different marketing strategies that have sustained the company’s success to date in the two regions. International marketing strategy International marketing refers to the marketing function of the management but on a global perspective. International brands such as the Johnnie Walker must have strategic marketing features in order to earn them an effective access of the global market. As an established brand, the company must employ specific features in order to improve its market share (Blackshaw 31). Viewing the entire world as a single market requires the consideration of particular demographic factors in order to facilitate the cost effective and profitable production. The United States and the people’s republic of China are two distinct regions with different cultures. This implies that the market in the two countries differ and therefore requires diverse management operations. Johnnie Walker employs different international marketing strategies in the two regions some of which are similar while others differ. The company produces different products under the same name. ...
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