evaluation of the company's strategy

evaluation of the company
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Evaluation of the Company's Strategy Executive Summary This paper mainly deals with the analysis of the strategies adopted by Morrison Supermarket to operate in the market place. The paper was mainly aimed at analysing the present situation of the company and at the same time, identifying the issues faced by the company.


While doing this, the study has made use of Ansoff matrix and BCG matrix. In addition, the study has also critically evaluated the organisation's strategy in terms of its suitability, acceptability, feasibility and sustainability. The key findings of the study were that certain segments of company are witnessing low market share and low growth rate. Hence, in order to overcome this issue, the company has been recommended product development strategy. The external audit has also shown that the company is yet to make an online presence, thus, the company has again been suggested to launch an online store to boost up sales. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Analysis and critical evaluation of the organisation's strategic position 4 Analysis of the organisation's strategic direction 6 Critical evaluation of the organisation's strategy 8 Conclusions and Recommendation 9 Reference List 10 Appendix 11 Introduction The success of any good organization is based on the measures that are laid by the stakeholders of the firm (Gilmore, 2003). In the business world, the strategy of the firm plays a fundamental role in the achievement of its objective. ...
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