Reflect and evaluate Apple's marketing principles & practices

Reflect and evaluate Apple
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Theory describes marketing as one of the organic functions of business, which means that it is crucial not only to the success but also to the survival of a business.


The other marketing strategies and tactics – use of a brand name, consumer research, product innovation, advertising and promotion, service support – these are all helpful, but not in and of themselves. Ultimately, they only count in advancing corporate performance in so far as they deliver quality to meet the customers’ needs. More recently, marketing thrusts have tended towards what I would call the splashy and spectacular, or what others would call high-profile marketing. These can be found particularly in the advertising for sports events or concerts where a large amount of sales have to be transacted within a short period of time. There is a lot to be said, however, about word-of-mouth advertising, which is essentially low-key but very effective in the social media environment. The strongest testimony would indeed come from family, friends and close acquaintances whom we know and trust, particularly if we see them patronising the same products and services. Apple’s marketing principles When we researched on Apple’s marketing, the emphasis of most researches was focused on Apple’s innovation, its market savvy, and the vision of its former CEO, the late Steve Jobs. There is a problem with this, however, because the vision, market savvy, and ideas for innovation appear to be incidentals – things we get right only with a wing and a prayer, even in the best circumstances. Moreover, ever since the death of Steve Jobs, the constancy of these three back-bone factors has become uncertain for Apple because Jobs was the main wellspring from which they emanated. Unfortunately, Apple operated largely in a manner that was too closely identi-fied with Jobs personally. ...
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