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Careers & Career Management OVERVIEW Career management entails the methods that assist in planning and shaping the career of an individual with regard to the needs of the organization, potential of the individual and their preferences. Career management is executed by integrating the needs of the individuals with the objective of the company, which facilitates the growth of both in the future years.


The purpose of career management is to support the people in achieving their aims and goals. Career management program involves a number of human resource management concepts which assist individuals in enhancing their performance through reviews and feedbacks. It enables individuals in identifying their skills and implementing them for their benefit along with the progression of the organization at large. This will assist them in developing a correct career path as per their capability and knowledge. The success of the individuals depends on the selection of the correct principles and guidelines which would enrich their skills. It is often observed that career success and career failure depends on certain decisive factors within the career path of an individual that ultimately create the difference (Public Service Commission, “Defining Career Management”). Correspondingly, the objective of the paper is to understand the reason behind the success and the failure of a person depending on the career management aspects. The importance of career management and the positive outcome are also evaluated in this paper. DESCRIPTION OF THE SUCCESS STORY OF ALAN MULALLY Alan Mulally is the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ford Motor Company. ...
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