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Coordinating Public Relations Management and Marketing in the Hotel Industry for Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Cafe Royal, London. By Student Name Course University Date Abstract This research study adds to and expands on current knowledge and theories on public relations and its link to market communication.


This study examines the public relations campaign used by Cafe Royal with a view to identifying how public relations is conducted in practice and how theory is adopted to this practice. This research can therefore explain and expound on theory and theory development in public relations and its coordination with marketing communications. The results of the study are discussed with reference to previous studies and public relations theory. Recommendations are made. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Research Questions 5 Significance of the Study 6 Aim and Objectives 6 A Review of Literature 7 Public Relations Theory 7 Previous Studies: Coordinating Public Relations and Marketing Strategies 12 Methodology 15 Case Study 15 Data Collection 17 Results 18 Background and History 18 Public Relations 18 Analysis/Discussion 22 Recommendations 27 Conclusion 28 Bibliography 30 Introduction Public relations refers to communication techniques used by an organization to manage its image and relationship with the public. In this regard, the public includes government, the community and the external environment generally (Hendrix & Hayes, 2010). ...
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