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Research Paper example - Pricing Strategies of Tiger Airways.

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Research Paper
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In Singapore, the main reason why the airline chose to operate from the Changi Airport is that it wanted to achieve operating-cost savings. To enhance this objective, the airline modeled its cost structure after Ryan Air. …

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The Tiger Airways is divided into services and brands such as the marketing and customer services which comprise the in flight services, the marketing service and cabin crew (Albers, Auerbach, & Baum, 2005, p. 154). Furthermore, the operational services comprise flight operations, catering, aviation services, and operation planning and control services. The other section of the airline is the commercial service section.
The airline has operations in countries like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia. Amongst all its destinations mentioned above, Thailand stands out as its major market. The company has a well-established website that enables passengers and other clients to book tickets cheaply online. This and other pricing strategies will be discussed in subsequent sections. This project, therefore, aims to explore the pricing strategies used to sell the Tiger airways tickets as well as other products. To successfully explore its pricing strategies, the discussion will also capture the factors influencing tiger airway’s pricing strategies and the positive and negative impacts of the pricing strategies used by Tiger airways.
The pricing strategies used to sell the Tiger airways tickets and other product
Tiger Airways employs a mix of pricing strategies coupled with unbeatable deals on airfares aimed at helping passengers to reach their destinations safely and cheaply. In addition to their competitive airfares, they also offer superb deals on hotels. Some of these strategies are discussed below.
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