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Developing a Marketing Plan - men’s grooming products in the UAE Name of Student: ID number: Course Name: Course Number: Date of Submission: Executive Summary For ages, beauty and body grooming has typically been associated with females. However, in recent times, males are increasingly opening up to the concept that beauty is skin-deep.


UAE hold a population that is among the top earners and top spenders on grooming in the world. It has the largest cosmetics and grooming market among the Gulf countries and men’s grooming has transformed from a niche market to an unavoidable business segment in the past 10 years and holds further growth in the next 5 years. While the prime driver of men’s grooming market is shaving products, research suggests that skin care and hair care for men are expect to grow big in the near future. The male grooming products market of the UAE is currently a $56.16 million (208 million UAE Dirhams) business, which is expected to grow to $84 million by 2018. As per the official 2010 estimate, the UAE male population of 6,161,820 outnumbers the female population of 2,102,250 by almost 3:1. Among the male population, 92% consists of expatriates, mostly young people from emerging countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who today are no longer stereotyped as blue-collared workers. ...
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