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MARKETING Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Strategic planning is the process by which the feasible fit between an organization’s skills, objectives, resources and its changing marketing opportunities are developed and maintained (Lake, N. 2012, 9). In order to understand the role of marketing in strategic planning process, various theoretical views, pieces of empirical evidence and normative statements about contingent relationships between the level of business strategies and the organizational structures and processes involved in contacting marketing processes have to be integrated into one framework.


2003, 504). Marketing structures that play roles in the strategic planning process include formalization, specialization and centralization (Kellar, A. 2009, 389). These structures are, particularly, important in shaping the performance of an organization (Laforet, S. 2012, 163). Formalization is the degree to which working relationships and decisions are governed by standard policies, procedures and formal rules. Centralization is the locus of the authority and control of a decision within an organizational entity. In organizations that are highly centralized, only one or a few top managers hold most decision-making authorities. In decentralized firms, middle or lower level managers possess autonomy and participate in a wide range of decisions. Specialization is division of tasks and activities across positions within the system. ...
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