Factors that Alter the Perceived Quality of Products.

Factors that Alter the Perceived Quality of Products. Essay example
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Most people consider themselves to be making smart decisions when they choose to purchase products of high value, particularly when they can find them at a discounted price. This is never true in reality though.


Not only are consumers bombarded with overwhelming decision-making scenarios on a constant basis, numerous other considerations come into play before they determine which product they want to buy including the amount of time they have to shop, the time they have available between other activities, and their other daily stresses and concerns. Add the constant deluge of sales pitches, different combinations of benefits, complicated terms of service, fluctuating prices, and highly persuasive, psychologically driven promotional messages and consumers' perception of product quality is highly compromised. A great deal of research has gone into determining just how consumers deal with it all in order to come to any form of buying decision. These studies have discovered that a great deal of consumer decisions are based on a weighted measure between perceived quality, current need, and other emotional factors (Morris & Morris, 1990). While it is not possible for marketers to control consumers' current needs, there are several ways in which understanding those other emotional factors can help marketers improve perceived quality of products. ...
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