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Running head: brands and branding (Student Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) 4th December 2013 Burberry Burberry Company is known to operate in 3 brands that make it to be widely known and to be scattered in almost 50 countries. Some of the brands are jackets, coats beauty gifts, and bags which are said to be the base line of the company (Lenskold, 2012).


According to Burberry, the founder of the company he said that the company was established to help the young people realize their dreams through innovation and engage in creativity thus making life bearable to them. Marketing strategies used by Burberry The marketing strategies of the company are focused at providing provide value to the customers through the products and the type of information concerning the products that are in the market. Retail marketing Retail marketing has been commonly used by the company. As one of marketing strategies, it has the capability to make the company to be more competitive in the market. The core importance of using retail marketing plan is to make sure that the sales ratio of the company increases on the international front making the company to invest a lot in other marketing strategies (Clancy and Kriegafsd, 2000). When using retail marketing, the brand is recognized and established to the market thus having a trademark that the brands are widely known for. Due to use of retailing marketing, the company is also able to venture in foreign countries like China where the company has retail shops thus making great venture to the fashion brands that are in the industry. The only challenge that face the company when using the retail marketing are cheaper brands that are offered by the competitors. ...
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