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analysis on a marketing news story which has appeared in 2013 Essay example
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Article Review [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] Article Review Introduction The article chosen for review in this report is titled as “P & G Shifts Marketing Dollars to Online, Mobile: World's Largest Advertiser Says as Much as 35 % of Ad Budget Going to Digital Media”…


The review of the article reveals that the company wants to introduce digital marketing as a means of targeting its customer base in the United States. Analysis P & G, like its other competitors, has been following a combination of traditional and innovative marketing strategy for its products. However, keeping in view the market data and research findings of changing trends in consumers’ lifestyle, the management has decided to adjust its strategies accordingly (Serena & Vranica, 2013). After reading the article, it is inferred that the company is planning to spend more on online marketing activities of its products, owing to the fact that a vast number of Americans are expected to prefer spending more time on the internet rather than watching television. This shift in the consumers’ behaviour has in turn influenced P & G’s marketing experts to focus more on digital marketing concept (Serena & Vranica, 2013). The digital marketing concept, which involves the use of internet and mobile as a marketing channel, has been considered by the company as a replacement of its marketing campaigns on television (Ryan & Jones, 2012; Hoffman & Novak, 1996; Egan, 2007). ...
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