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Consumer Behaviour Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Consumer Behaviour Consumer behaviour is the process of selection, buying and consumption of merchandise and services for satisfying their varying wants. There are diverse processes concerned with the consumer behaviour.


Meanwhile, there are varieties of other factors that influence the purchases of buyer such as social, personal, cultural, and psychological (WALTERS 1978). (1)Cultural/Environment Factor The environment in which a business operates influences consumer behaviour. Clients are always attracted to clean and healthy places. With this knowledge in mind, advertisers can put emphasis on the cleanliness of the production process and general handling of goods. Customer behaviour is extremely influenced by cultural issues such as purchaser culture, subculture, and the social class. Culture is the part of each society and is the significant cause of personal desires and behaviour. The power of culture on consumer behaviour varies from state to state. Consequently, marketers have to be extremely cautious in analyzing the culture of diverse groups, areas or even countries. Each culture and environment contains diverse subcultures such as religions, geographic regions, nationalities, racial groups etc. Marketers can employ these groups via segmenting the market into a variety of small portions. For instance, marketers can plan products according to the wants of a particular geographic area (DEBRUICKER QUELCH & WARD 1986). Reference groups clearly have ability in forming a person outlook or behaviour. ...
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