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Consumer Behaviour Models and Their Strategic Applications Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Pepsi and Low Involvement Decision Making 3 McDonald’s and Elaboration Likelihood Theory 5 Harley Davidson and Behaviour learning theory 6 Nike and Cognitive Dissonance Theory 8 Conclusion 10 Reference List 12 Introduction Consumer behaviour is study of groups, individuals, organisations as well as processes as they secure, select, use and dispose services, products, ideas or experiences in order to satisfy their needs (Engel, 1998).


Pepsi and Low Involvement Decision Making With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for consumers to search for necessary information and make careful and informed decisions. This theory was first mentioned by Walters (2002), where he had considered all the external and internal factors affecting the purchase decision of an individual and created a complex connection. Group as well as social forces influence the buying process of a customer. Consideration of research work of Krugman and Hartley (1970) reveals the fact that there is significant amount of divergence exist peoples involvement in the decision making process. In some decision making process, people pay significant amount of importance on evaluating available options while in case of some products, consumers do not put significant importance on evaluating options and just go by their intuition. In first case, the decision making process is known as high involvement decisions while the second process known as low involvement decision process. ...
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