Sustainability and the Green Supply Chain

Sustainability and the Green Supply Chain Essay example
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Sustainability and the Green Supply Chain Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Discussion 4 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction The concepts of sustainability and green supply chain have evolved as critical factors in running a business in the present world where environmental factors are being enormous importance by the companies as well as the communities.


In light of the concern for environmental safety, businesses are giving increasing importance to take environmental friendly initiatives in their operations. There are a number of driving forces for the companies to implement green supply chain in their business practices. The implementation of green supply chain and other environment friendly practices not only add to the corporate social responsibility portfolio of the company but also enhance sustainability and competitive advantage in the changing global scenario. The major international businesses have successfully implemented business practices such as eco-efficiency, cleaner production systems and an effective environmental management system in their processes. The major drivers influencing the use of environmental friendly processes are regulatory compliances, risk management, increasing efficiency and market expectations. The use of a supply chain environmental management (SCEM) starts from identifying suppliers pertaining to the environmental performances and conducting the business in the proper manner to maintain adherence with the regulatory requirements. The implementation of the green supply chain management plays the most important role in ensuring that all the environmental concerns are addressed along with maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of the business. ...
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