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Description of an advert

The consumer marketers for the company emphasize on push strategies where their sales force convinces the retailers and dealers to carry, promote as well as sell the products of the company to the end users (Ryan & Jones, 2012). In contrast, the consumer marketers emphasizing pull strategies haveheavy reliance on advertising as well as consumer promotions in drawing customers into the stores. The aspect of tools in terms of choice is influenced through company size. The market leaders afford more advertising while using sales promotion sparingly. In contrast, smaller competitors aggressively use sales promotion (Viardot, 2004). The brand of perfume in the advertisement is Dior perfume for ladies. The product is sleek, executive and fancy targeting the segment that keeps trying new products. There are various scents denoting warmth and comfort including vanilla or sandalwood. Subsequent fragrances, like clary sage or grapefruit could awaken the senses while making the person feel rather energetic (Copper &Hiebing, 2000). The emphasis on the notes in the fragrance alongside promotes the positive feelings across all people while combining such components with original scent combinations which will ensure that curious consumers about the product try it out (Jain & Griffith, 2012). ...
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Summative Assessment-Brief Name: Institutional Affiliation: Tutor: Date: Summative Assessment-Brief The advert targets the youthful generation of ages between 22 years to 34 years of age. The age group in this case are the feminine gender with whom there is an exciting and adventurous feeling…
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