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Technology in Retailing   Name Course Professor University State Date Introduction Retailing is the activity through which there is a sale of goods and services to a consumer with the main aim and goal of earning a profit and this is by ensuring one has as bigger a margin as possible.


Retailing can take many form depending on the individual concerned since he/ she may decide to take on a door-to-door delivery system where he/ she goes to the consumer even if they at times might not have ordered the same (Baker, Grewal & Levy, 2004). This at times influence impulse buying. Another form involves the use of a given permanent location that may be a shop, mall or even market place. In this second scenario the customer only buys when they themselves have gone to the said place. From the above small description of what retailing is we can proceed and take a keen look at the various models of retailing we have. The first model involves independent retailers who are basically ones who have built a given business from its inception to its current state. They are those who we call the entrepreneurs who see to it that a business grows from an idea they had, its early stages of growth until it is fully established (Emmitt, 2012). Independent retailers are very different from the second group of retailers who only acquire an already existing business. These retailers either acquire the business through buying the said business or at times it through inheritance. We can see that these group does not have the difficulties of coming up with a plan and executing it to inception. ...
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