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Case Study Question Table of Contents Question 1 3 Social Influencing Factors 3 Reference Groups 3 Family 5 Social Class 6 Question 2 7 Marketing Mix 7 Product 9 Price 10 Place 10 Promotion 11 References 13 Bibliography 15 Question 1 Social Influencing Factors In a modern day phenomenon, the purchase decisions of the consumers are not believed to be made spontaneously by them without any influence from external factors.


The element of social grouping is known to encompass small groups, economic status and social roles. A few of such kinds of groups are deemed to pose a direct form of manipulation or control over a particular individual. For instance, reference groups are considered to act as direct as well as indirect kinds of assessment or orientation in developing an individual’s beliefs or approaches which in turn deliberately influences the purchase decisions considered by those people (Te’eni-Harari, 2010; Armstrong & et. al., 2005). Reference Groups From a theoretical perspective, groups are found to exert influence on various individuals and are generally regarded as reference groups. Individuals are known to make use of pertinent groups for the purpose of a specification either as an indication or an orientation in opposition to which the individual is evaluated. The degree of manipulation with regard to the reference groups posed on the behaviour of the individuals is known to be frequently made apparent in relation to the kinds of products as well as brands bought by individuals. ...
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