Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Integrated Marketing Strategy Abstract The primary intention of this paper is to develop an integrated marketing strategy framework to promote bullet proof vest as the product to be launched in the market. Observably, marketing is quite an important approach in business, which should be conducted in a systematic process.


Introduction In any form of business, the domain of marketing is regarded as quite significant and one of the prominent activities to be conducted in promoting as well as establishing the intended brand within the target market. It is important to note that for any business to promote or to convey information about its products or services to the targeted customers, the tool of marketing must be essentially put into efficient use. Contextually, it has been observed that companies communicate with the customers with the help of various tools of marketing, which comprise of advertising and other promotional activities to make them aware about what the business is offering to them. Unarguably, without proper marketing strategy, the success of business is quite likely to become highly uncertain and will probably remain unaccomplished upto a larger extent (Lamb & et. al 2008). Contextually, the primary intention of this report is to frame an integrated marketing strategy to promote Bullet Proof Vests as a newly launched product in the targeted market. ...
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